old houses under $50k

Old Houses Under $50K Too Few Pics Friday – 5 Houses With Not Enough Photos

Old Houses Under $50K wishes we could open the front doors of these homes and view the interior pics, but the agents have neglected to include many, if any. I, for one, yearn to see the insides of these homes.


2914 Frederick St, Shreveport, LA 71109    $45,000 Sold




1216 NE Madison Ave, Peoria, IL 61603.      $17,000 Sold For $17,000 on 4/7/22


743 E McKellar Ave, Memphis, TN 38106.    $50,000 Pending


414 N Collett St, Danville, IL.    $15,000 Sold

A rent to own fixer upper on 3/4 acre.



12 South St, Cheshire, MA 01225.    $43,900 Sold For $50,000 on 4/28/22




  • Dottie

    There are pictures on the Zillow link the inside is pretty torn up, and it looks like a lot of mold got in, but what a nice house it must have been at one time.

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