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Remuddled Monday – The I’m Speechless House

In honor of the “Old House Journal” Remuddling section, we started a Remuddled Monday. It is “a look at non-sympathetic additions and other remodeling disasters, otherwise known as remuddling,” as the journal describes the term. It can be homes under our price constraints or not, or even homes that are not for sale. This one was for sale for $22K and is pending.  We call it, “I’m Speechless.” We would love to hear some better names for it!

935 N Franklin St, Danville, IL 61832

Remuddled homes are homes that have undergone significant changes, often with little regard for the original architecture or style of the home. Examples of remuddling include adding unsightly additions, replacing original features with cheaper, modern materials, or painting the exterior of the home in garish colors. Remuddling can often result in a home that looks disjointed and out of place in its surroundings. The I’m Speechless house certainly follows that criteria, especially when we see what it looked like originally. The house below, a few doors down, is very similar to what the remuddled home originally looked like.





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