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Update: Marsh House Nears Saving! – c.1850 Carpenter Gothic in Chesterfield NH $1

504 Route 63, Chesterfield, NH        $1

Save This Old House – c.1850 Carpenter Gothic in Chesterfield NH $1


Save this old house. The amazing Carpenter Gothic cottage is owned by the town of Chesterfield, New Hampshire, and they are looking for someone to save it.  Asking price is $1, with some conditions. A new owner is required to restore and maintain the exterior of the home with as much historical accuracy as possible. They must also show proof of funds to restore the house, estimated at $150,000 to $250,000. Chesterfield’s median home value is $260,000, and this home has bonus views of the Vermont mountains.


The Chesterfield Planning Board reviewed a change of use application submitted by New England Heritage LLC, and voted unanimously to conditionally approve it. The rehabbed structure would house a café on the first floor and a short-term rental space on the second level.

New England Heritage would serve as the property manager for the rental unit upstairs, but another company would run the café. New England Heritage was formed by Dylan Eastman and Gabriel Jones to save older buildings through adaptive reuse.


The cottage was built in 1850 by the Marsh family. It boasts a beautiful polychromatic slate roof, deep roof eaves, bargeboard, and wrap-around porch. It sits next to the fire station in the town’s center. In fact, from the late 1970s until 2007, the house served as the town offices. The house has been empty since 2008, when the town offices moved into a new building on the other side of the fire station.  Over the decades, many prominent families have lived there, and the house also housed a dental office and the police department. If there are no takers, the town will eventually be forced to spend $30,000 to demolish the house.

*Build date 1850
*Google Map

*Contact Jeff Scott at [email protected] (Serious inquiries only!)




  • Robert Liptak

    Hi what is the time frame for the restoration? I am a carpenter who has restored and worked on many Victorian houses. Can you elaborate on the specifics of the restoration..roof,siding structural needs septic, well etc I would love to tour this house ASAP and am very interested in this project.

  • [email protected]

    Details include maintaining the original exterior, installing heat within a year, bringing the building up to code within eighteen months, and more totaling up to about $300,000 worth of work. Please contact the seller whose contact is provided on the post for more details.

  • Regina Lawrence

    I would love to pay for this house ~I am looking to renovate an old home to become my primary home ~ I have funds but your schedule is too quick ~

  • Molly

    Why would I rehab a house, that I am forced to allow someone to force me to let the first floor be used a restaurant, and the second floor as a rental, to be managed by them. Incredibly stupid.

  • [email protected]

    Perhaps the article wasn’t clear. It is no longer available. It is being saved by New England Heritage, a company that will save the home by having a restaurant on the first floor and an apartment on the second.

  • Ken Rusakovich

    I would be interested in the house i would rehab it myself and I would want to live in the house and occupy it myself

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