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Save This Old House ~ c.1900 Fixer Upper in Paris Texas $28K ~ SOLD

708 W Sherman St, Paris, TX 75460       $28,000 Sold



Save this old house. This home, known as the Baty-Plummer House, looks lovely from the exterior, but don’t let it fool you. The interior is definitely a fixer upper in need of a savior.


It is a shame, because you can see that William R. Baty (1862-1918) poured a lot of love into this house when he built it around the turn of the century for his wife Mollie and three daughters, Mary, Eula and Mildred. William was a plumber who owned his own shop, and Mary, who was was 19 years old in 1910, worked in a music store.

Sadly, William died of heat prostration at the age of 56 while working with sheet metal, making Mollie a widow for 37 years.

It is not known who lived here in the intervening years, but by the 1990s, W.R. and Mildred Plummer were the owners. Fortunately, the Plummers did not modify the exterior, but it appears they did a number on the interior.



Save this old house. This is a must see property!

When you undertake Historic Preservation of a structure, you are becoming a Caretaker, and Guardian of history. This home needs someone who will appreciate it’s history and help restore it to its former glory. Are you the one? Come see this property and realize it’s potential.

There are no utilities on at the present time. So, bring a flashlight to the showing.




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