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Sold – Save This Old House – c.1910 Fixer Upper in Pittsburgh, PA Under $35K

173 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15210        $34,900 Sold

Fixer Upper


Located in the Mt. Oliver neighborhood of Pittsburgh, this brick house sits next door to its sister house and opposite a cemetery which offers a view of Pittsburgh. The home is in a high crime neighborhood, but has several original elements worth restoring. George purchased the home in 1921 and resided here with his wife

Family History

This was the home of George Dippel (1855-1941) and his wife Theresa Spiegel Dipple. Mr. Dippel came to Pittsburgh from Germany at the age of 27. He worked for Westinghouse for 38 years before retiring in 1925.




Save this old house. Spacious three story brick home with a large front covered porch and level entry. Full, unfinished basement.

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    So much about this house is gorgeous. I bet a big part of the high crime stats is made up of burgleries of cars because everyone is parking on the street. Walking through the Google Map, I see there’s a cute little mercantile section nearby.

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