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Free House Will Be Demolished – Huntersville, NC – Update: Demolished

103 N. Old Statesville Road, Huntersville, NC 28078    Free House (Needs Relocating)

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UPDATE: Sadly, after months of advertising, even the words “Free House” were not enough to entice a new buyer to save this old house. Built around 1918 and known as the Doc Craven House,  town officials have voted to demolish the historic home in a few days.

Per Fox 46 Charlotte, “To have that little bit of history left and then to demolish it feels like we are getting rid of old Huntersville, and old Huntersville’s what made so many people move here to begin with,” Huntersville commissioner Stacy Phillips said. Several people toured the house but deemed that repair and moving costs were prohibitive. Another one bites the dust.

*4 bedrooms
*2 baths
*2,599 sq ft
*Build date 1918
*Google Map
*Call Michael Jaycocks at 704-766-2228 or Anthony Roberts at 704-875-6541.

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Thanks to Lisa Thompson for this submission of a free house that needs to be relocated.

After town commissioners voted to raze this property to expand its greenway project, residents in Huntersville, North Carolina, are rushing to save the c.1918 house that, for now, sits at 103 N. Old Statesville Road.

Back in March, the township had two plans before them. One option included keeping the house in the greenway plan, the other did not. On July 20th, the town voted to raze the house. If it is not relocated within 30 days, the house will be demolished.

Kathy Jones of the Olde Huntersville Historic Society reported that the house was originally owned by Thomas Craven, the beloved town doctor and former mayor. It was most likely built, however, by his brother Dr. W.W. Craven. Thomas passed away in 1952, and the home passed through a few hands before falling into disrepair in recent years.

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Although OHU50K has no photos of the interior, the house is said to boast good bones, beautiful wood paneling and hardwood floors. The home is listed on the Architectural Survey of Huntersville, North Carolina. One would think that razing the home, then, would be out of the question, but apparently not.

Town commissioner Stacy Phillips, who voted in favor of saving Doc Craven’s house, said many people have contacted her about saving it, but thus far no real takers.

“If anybody wants this house, come get it. It’s free. You just have to pay to move it,” said Kathy Jones.


If you can spring for moving costs, contact Michael Jaycocks at 704-766-2228 or Anthony Roberts at 704-875-6541.


  • Holly Ann CERVENKA-Miller

    I love this site abd these old homes. I’m looking for a home to live in and I only have $50000. I would care for it and love it if I could find one that didn’t need too much work bc I’m a single. Other on limited income.. I’m in Florida now , would be great to find something driving distance to Orlando since mother is here , but I’m looking desperately to find my dream home. Thanks for listing these. Keep eyes open for me.

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