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Sears Kit House Spotlight Tuesday – Modern Home No. 171

The Sears kit house Modern Home No. 171, later called The Rossville, was an unassuming gabled ell farmhouse. In 1913 a homeowner could purchase the materials in the Modern Home No. 171 kit delivered by railcar for $597.

In the 1913 Sears Modern Homes catalog, it was described as, ” a very neat appearing and up=to-date cottage at a very low price. By reason of it simple outline and the entire absence of complicated details, the labor is but a small item of expense as compared with the average house of this size.”

First Floor

The first floor had three rooms and a pantry. A front door with a glazed lace design led one into the parlor which had an open staircase to the right. Off the living room was a bedroom and the kitchen. A small porch was off the rear of the kitchen.


Second Floor

Three bedrooms, each with a closet, made up the second level. Not the absence of a bathroom on either floor.




The farmhouse was built on a concrete block foundation with a basement. Narrow bevel clear cypress clapboard sided the cottage.


The Modern Home No. 171 farmhouse was built in the following cities:

Modern Home No. 171 in the Wild (not for sale)

Sidney, Ohio

This one was catalogued by Cindy Catanzaro in her blog You can read the home’s interesting story here.


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