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Sears Kit House Spotlight Tuesday – The Whitehall

Sears kit house, The Whitehall, was described in the 1918 Modern Home catalog as a “modern type of two-story home that is seen in the better residential neighborhoods. It is dignified and substantial, and was designed with three important objects in view; Economy of floor space; quality of material; and value giving.”



The front elevation had a first and second floor bay window, spacious porch and square lattice work underneath. Oftentimes today, the Whitehall is difficult to recognize as the porch has been enclosed and windows changed.


The Whitehall from 1922 catalog

Interior/First Floor


Living Room

The front door entered straight into the living room with stairs at the far end.

Dining Room

A large casement opening between the living and dining rooms almost gave the appearance of today’s “open concept.”  The front bay window and side window provided a flood of light and air.


Entered from the dining room via a swinging door, the kitchen measured 10′ by 9′ and had two doors, one to the pantry and the other to the yard.



Three small bedrooms with closets and a bath were upstairs, the master bedroom having a bay window.


The Whitehall in the Wild (these homes are NOT for sale)

Both homes were researched by Cindy Catanzaro at Sears Homes of Ohio for Lara Solonickne of SEars Homes of Chicagoland

1203 Griffith Road, Lake Forest, IL


4706 Highland, Downers Grove, IL


According to the Sears 1918 catalog, more Sears The Whitehall homes were built in Gary, Indiana; Allentown, Pennsylvania; Aurora, Illinois; Plainville, Connecticut; McKeesport, Pennsylvania; Rich Valley, Indiana; Hellertown, Pennsylvania.

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  • Judith Chabot

    Thanks for citing your source, but let me correct the name for you: Lara Solonickne writes Sears Homes of Chicagoland.
    You’ve used photos from Cindy Catanzaro before, from her blog post, Sears Houses In Ohio (and, thanks for having cited her).

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