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Desert Shack For Sale on 5 Acres in 29 Palms, CA $55K

OHU50K NOTES.   $55,000

This desert shack for sale is one of many such structures, legacies of a bygone era from 1938 to 1976 when the federal government dispersed land in the high desert under the Small Tract Act. Homesteaders were given a deed to five acres if they built a structure at least 400 square feet in size within three to five years.

With Joshua Tree National Park in one direction and wilderness on the other, some of the shacks were turned into permanent homes, while many more were ravaged by weather and became eyesores. A federal program is in the works to demolish the dilapidated shacks, but owners of this one have kept their structure, virtually a shell, in good condition.


This is Miss Judy, a cute little shack for sale situated in an excellent area of Wonder Valley. Your neighbor to the northeast has lived here for 15 years and owns several airbnbs within eyesight. 80 acres of BLM land to the North. No neighbor to the South or West and no one lives in the house to the East, so you are secluded on this 5 acre parcel and will be for a very long time.


The roof has been completely replaced including all new plywood. Brand new energy efficient windows and a solid door are all part of the upgrades. All that is left for you to do is the fun part, dream, design, decorate, and then DO! There is a power pole and transformer at the corner of the lot, reconnecting to power should be easy (check with city). Digging a well in the area is not uncommon. There is also evidence of a septic on the property but we are unaware of its condition.

This Recreational Cabin can be converted to an SFR through an application with the department of Land Use Services. Come carry the homesteading tradition forward and build your own little desert oasis. Buyers to do all inspections and investigations to satisfy themselves of what is possible. Seller makes no claims regarding ease, complexity or potential uses. For MLS listing purposes only. – Per Zillow

  • 400sqft
  • 5 Acre lot



0 Valle Vista Rd, Twenty-nine Palms, CA 92277  $55,000













  • Tracey Trotter

    Who killed the character? Such a shame. The people out there hate this updated/gutted stuff. No wonder it is so cheap, in California (even if it is 29 Palms) and still for sale.

  • T Zook

    Updated/gutted? These shacks were all built 70+ years ago on 5 acre plots because someone thought 29 Palms was going to become the next Palm Springs. Spoiler: it didn’t. My family has one of these plots and the shack on it. No water. No electricity. No sewer.

    Great for a place to sleep between excursions to BLM land.

  • George Bahr

    Interesting and so odd. The history of these tracts make for good reading.
    Its seems so barren in so many ways, but electric is readily available, unsure about water and septic, but water tank could be set up and I’d be ok with an outhouse.
    Could always install a propane tank as well and I would be content.
    5 acres almost anywhere would be a draw for me.
    Plant some trees, maybe privacy bamboo and make it habitable.
    Something to be said for temperate California climate and I actually like it being away from people.
    Just my take, this place is a clean slate, for a paltry sum, you could own a piece of California paradise

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