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Sold – c.1908 Starter Home in Haunted Tonopah, NV

744 Knapp St., Tonopah, NV 89049         $65,000 Sold on September 2, 2021 for $45,000

c.1908 Starter Home in Haunted Tonopah, NV $65K


If you enjoy enjoy ghost stories, then Tonopah, Nevada, may pique your interest. This sweet Victorian era cottage was built in 1908, just a few years after Jim Butler struck silver in Tonopah in 1900. Per the 1910 and 1920 US Census records, most of the heads of households on Knapp Street worked for the silver mining company in one capacity or another. By 1920 mining was declining and Tonopah had half of the population it had 15 years earlier. Tales of hauntings in town, however,  doubled.

A Few Haunted Places in Tonopah (Not For Sale)

Mitzpah Hotel on Main Street

The beautiful Lady in Red was stabbed and strangled to death in the Mitzpah Hotel by a jealous ex-lover, and she haunts the fifth floor as well as the elevator.  Several other ghosts, including some very playful children on the third floor and murdered miners in the basement, also inhabit the halls of the Mitzpah.

Tonopah Liquor Company on Main Street

George “Devil” Davis,  a joker and prankster when he was alive, still plays the devil’s advocate at the TLC.  Ghostly Hattie, a former brothel employee and barmaid, is kinder, especially to children.





Tonopah Historic Mining Park’s Visitors Center

Bina Verrault was an elegant and clever woman on the run from New York City lawmen when she died in Tonopah. She “lives” in the Visitor’s Center along with many men who died in the mines.





Vanwood Variety Store at 100 N. Main St.

Built in 1902 by Frank Golden as the home of  the Nye County Bank, it is likely that the owners of our featured home today did business in the bank. Mr. Golden was later arrested and charged with embezzlement of bank funds.  It is said that the strange sounds, unaccounted breezes, weird lights, and unbodied voices that occur on an almost daily basis, are attributed to a previous employee of the bank who somehow got stuck in the old vault in the basement and died there. Today the building houses the Vanwood Variety Store.



Super cute 2 bedroom 1 bath stick built house perfect for a starter home. The driveway on the side leads to a garage in the back next to a workshop. Very clean interior, bay windows in the living room provide a wonderful view of the town and valley beyond. A built in china hutch, root cellar and washer and dryer hookups are just a few of the high points inside. Excellent insulation from the thick walls makes heating and cooling costs low.
Porch featured at Tonopah, NV 89049

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