Sold – Under $100K Sunday – Circa 1925 Nebraska Colonial Revival $85K

OHU50K Notes   $85,000 Sold

New roof, new paint, new windows, beautiful old doors, old staircase, old woodwork in this three bedroom, two bath circa 1925 Colonial Revival.

UPDATE: A follower from California purchased this beauty in a tiny 300 population town, sight unseen, to be her forever home. Here is her story.

“Every day I would check your new house offerings,  research the ones  that called to me.  I have researched and saved so many!

The particular house in Orleans, NE is such a surprise. Can you imagine living in a  VILLAGE of  300 people?  And it is walking distance from a HUGE community swimming pool (open summers, $30 total for a season pass), a Catholic church, the farmers mkt, etc.

I  had hoped for a large house. 3700 feet should definitely  be large enough!  I will be spreading out my  large library (books) and crafts…. Plenty of room for my grandkids when they come to visit also.

I took AMTRAK out there  this past week and  did a physical walk-thru.  Realtor said since it is a cash sale it could close in as soon as  7 days.

House does need some attention, but I am so happy to  almost be its owner.  About 300 ppl in the town, and at least one bull snake!  I stayed at Orleans Hotel for a full day, and the owners picked me up at AMTRAK; also brought me back.  (Both  train stops were in the wee hours of the night.)  Yes I tipped the  driver/owner well.  I will love being part of  growing this small town!

Walking around the VILLAGE (too small to be a town or city) I saw  several houses that look like they are vacant, so I will  keep track of possible other homes her for sale.”


113 S Orleans Ave, Orleans, NE 68966  $85,000



  • Ruth Enero

    I like this house! The muted greens in the rugs and some rooms look so nice. Guess I’ll have to ask the realtor about WHY/what of “20 windows that were recently replaced”, as it reports in the listing. Worth lokking at in person!

  • Ruth Enero

    When I looked at this house, I was wondering about the back end of it which looks kind of like a church. The “bonus room,” no doubt. I did a lot of googling it, and google-map-walking around the block. Whadya know, its last (& very recent) use appears to have been Mitchell Funeral Parlor. Calling the realtor on this one tomorrow! …very cosy small town, with an AmTrak passenger train stop one town over. I hope it is still available. I seem to have a knack for liking houses that are quickly pending/sold.

  • Ruth Enero

    I offed on this house, and the seller accepted today! Woohoo! I have been looking FOREVER. Starting the buying process…………

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