Sallie House

The Sallie House – The Most Haunted House in Kansas?

Atchison’s Sallie House may be considered the most famous haunted house in Kansas. We delve into it in this, the second in our Halloween series of haunted houses. (This house is NOT for sale).



Finney History

Built between 1867 and 1871, the brick home was the residence of Michael, a native of Ireland, and Kate Finney. Michael died in the house in 1872, and it was passed down to the couple’s son, Charles Finney.


After graduating medical school and setting up his practice, Charles also took up figure skating. He was both a skilled figure skater and roller skater who often dressed in drag during his act. He won many competitions before giving up the sport after being denied entrance to an all-male skating competition due to his gender-bending act.



Charles then devoted all his efforts to his medical practice, and was by all accounts a proficient physician.


In 1914 he was elected mayor of Atchison and served for two years before being forced to step down in 1916 due to a scandal involving the sale of alcohol.


The Sallie Event

Charles used the whole bottom floor of his house at 508 N 2nd Street for his medical practice. The front served as office space and examination rooms, while the doctor and his wife and son lived upstairs.  Although no records of a patient named Sallie exist in Dr. Finney’s records, as the story goes, one day a frantic mother came running into the office holding her 6-year-old daughter, Sallie. The child was in severe abdominal pain. Dr. Finney diagnosed appendicitis, and believing the appendix would soon burst, immediately began surgery. He grabbed his scalpel and began cutting Sallie before the anesthesia had taken full effect. Sallie’s screams resonated throughout the block, then suddenly stopped. She died on the operating table – her last memories believing a man was torturing her.

The House Next Door

It should be noted that the house next door to Dr. Finney’s also is connected to the Sallie House hauntings. The house next door was built in 1889 by James Finney, the older brother of Charles. James deeded it to a woman named Johanna Barnes, a divorced mother of three and pregnant with a fourth child.



Johanna had been previously institutionalized as “violently insane,” and gave birth in 1899 to Frank Barnes while in the institution. Eventually she was released to the care of Dr. Finney and returned to the house next door to him.



On September 24, 1906 Johanna attempted suicide. She turned on the gas stove and laid down with Frank, who was five years old at the time. Both were overcome by the fumes, but while Johanna survived, little Frank did not.




Hauntings at the Sallie House

After the events at both houses, locals have long believed the homes were haunted.  The Sallie House hauntings grew more ominous, however, in 1993, when the house was rented to a young couple, Tony and Debra Pittman, and their infant son. Their dog seemed to growl at nothing, most notably near the upstairs nursery, cold spots were felt throughout the house, and things started moving on their own. Matters took a turn for the worse when fires broke out in the house and a series of attacks on Tony began. Tony, who claims to be a clairvoyant, felt  scratches on his chest and abdomen. Debra and the baby never came to harm as they identified more with Sallie rather than the more sinister spirits that may occupy the two properties.

Paranormal activity that has been witnessed by visitors to the Sallie House include video cameras that stop working, moving objects, bruises on their bodies, and new batteries that completely drain. There has even been books and  videos about the house.




So Who Are the Ghosts?

Some say the spirit of Michael Finney, the original owner who died in the house shortly after its completion, may be the culprit. Others believe the insane ghost of Johanna Barnes stalks the properties. Still others say Sallie, or even young Frank, show their presence on the old Finney land. A few even have come to the conclusion that it is Dr. Finney (d.1955) himself who haunts the Sallie House, angry about his skating and mayoral careers that were cut short.

Sallie House


  • Tony

    We did on a tour of Sallie House LAST Halloween (2020) and, since it was during lockdown, it was self-guided. Upon purchase of tickets, we were given a time slot and an access code for the front door and were able to roam, just the three of us! Since there was nobody else there, it was SUPER creepy and only added to the experience!

  • Sallie

    I spent a night in the Sallie house with a paranormal investigation team. I just went along for the ride since I “won” the spot in an online contest. (I had to tell a story.) I think they picked me because of my name and were going to use me as “bait” to attract some ghosts. I thought it was laughable but I’m game for a good time and I thought it would make for good conversation later. Some really unnerving things happened. First, in the basement. There’s about a 2’x2′ hole in the wall that looks into another chamber but you can only see a few feet inside. It’s a dirt floor in there. It appears to be a dug-out part walled off while the rest of the basement is concrete floored. The team set up a motion detector just inside this opening facing inward to this dark chamber. I was curious and walked up to the opening in the wall to look inside – the tripod was about 18 inches in front of me. It started flashing wildly. That was enough of the basement. Then they had me sit on a twin-sized bed in the child’s nursery while they did dowsing rods. At about 3 a.m. the dowsing rods kept crossing and pointing at me. Buh bye. I’m out. Not going back.

  • Jill

    These types of documentaries take my interest.
    Where in Kansas is this home located? Or both homes located? I live in NW Kansas.. did I happen to see Atchison?

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