Alabama home for sale

Under $100K Sunday – Adorable Alabama Home For Sale Under $80K


  • Juan Velasquez

    The integrity and attributes of the house are not shown…seems like there was more interest in showing the decor..

  • Sharon L

    These pictures are staged. I’d rather just see the rooms. It doesn’t tell you much about the condition of the house.


    The courtroom scenes in To Kill a Mockingbird were filmed inside the historic Monroeville courthouse, which is a museum today. Monroeville is near a town that has an outlet mall, is near other towns that are distinctive; such as the artsy community of Fairhope. Monroeville is near mobile and Pensacola, which both have huge Mardi Gras celebrations. You’d be about two hours from Pensacola Beach.

  • Ruth Enero

    I emailed the realtor on this one. I doubt that you could call this “staged”. STAGED would put away the dishes that are on the kitchen sink…. Maybe it’s being sold FURNISHED; shall repost here if I find out anything. Perhaps the realtor will porovide more pics.

    I love the history of Monroeville ~ town was home to author Truman Capote also, and was dubbed the Literary Capital of Alabama. I wonder WHO dubbed the house “Cowcumber Cottage”, cowcumber being a word relating to magnolias.

  • Ruth Enero

    As Naima said above, this town has a strong connection with “To Kill A Mockingbird.” They do an annual amateur rendition of that movie at the town center. The reason for the connectiont is: Harper Lee’s book by the same name was based on the racial tensions in Monroeville. Lee’s earlier fiction book–which was a draft of Mockingbird–“Go Set A Watchman,” was also based on this town. Hopef ully things have staightened out since then!

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