abandoned farm house

Under $100K Sunday – c.1873 Abandoned Farm House on 5.39 Acres in Attica, IN Under $90K ~ Off Market

4032 E Winthrop Rd, Attica, IN, 47918                 $89,900 Off Market 

Abandoned Farm House on 5.39 Acres in Attica


Wow! Five plus acres, a brick house, and a couple of barns.  Look at that staircase , double doors, old hardware, molding and clawfoot tub! The curtains and shower curtain don’t look too worse for wear, so I am wondering how long the place has been vacant.


Property is in need of many repairs. Handyman special, but it could be restored to its original beauty. 3 bedroom, 2 baths, Family Room with fireplace. Huge 2+car garage all on 5.39 acres.


  • Steve

    Seems like the real estate equivalent of a ‘wall flower’–just waiting for someone to ask it to dance.


    Wow…what a mess! Water, termite, and vandalized…this is a foreclosed property and it is a serious hot mess…and that doesn’t even consider what the rest of the place looks like. It is way overpriced and if they get 50K I will be surprised. I live in Indiana and sadly there are way too many old homes like this that are just left to rot. A new roof, all new electric, kitchen, plumbing, heat/cooling for sure. It is a real shame. There are a few listings of this property (over 220K) but it has really been through the ringer. And really, the first “barn” is nothing more than a condemned shell! One good storm and it is gone.

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