handyman special

Under $100K Sunday – c.1880 Handyman Special in Yazoo City, MS $65K

  • 3bed
  • 2bath
  • Build date 1880


224 N Yazoo St, Yazoo City, MS 39194.    $65,000

3 bedrooms and 2 baths or 2 bedrooms, den and 2 bathrooms with antique claw foot tubs. 1 bath with roomy shower, renovated kitchen with antique farmers sink, island, dining area, fenced in back yard, front porch, central air and heat and laundry room. Built in 1880’s. Nice home. It will not last long. Outside needs TLC. For sale ”as-is”.




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Contact Realtor: Melanie Starnes with Milner Realty Inc.



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  • Wendy

    That first house has such spectacular detail and character! I wouldn’t change a thing. Just paint alone in the right shades and done properly can bring out the architecture so well! I wouldn’t use a solid color on a wall, I would add demention by using the right shades just in the archways of the doors and of the showers …the window panes, you name it! With a different color scheme in every room. This house really inspires me! The fireplaces can be painted different shades which of course will match the curtains in some way making a favorite color be the pop color. The floors are so gorgeous already, there would honestly be no money needed to clean up the inside and make it look great! So many things can be handmade very cheaply these days, and furniture can be painted with spray chalk paint in no time, making it look brand new and at the same time old-fashioned ! This is truly such a rare find ! I would give anything to see the outcome of when it’s done. Hoping that they use their artistic abilities with the shape of the house. Good luck and God bless! How I wish it were me being able to buy the house! Not that I was looking to say this but, it truly will not need a lot of money to transform the inside. There are even sites you can go on for people in your area that just want to get rid of free furniture and couches! And if you just don’t match all you need is couch covers and some cute pillows! Curtains that flow to the floor and a great rounded shower curtain rod and shower curtain for the bathroom. My old place was decorated with a gothic/cathedral look. A big gargoyle in the living room and everything, and decorations that shaped like around it window that peaked at the top. I probably would only need to cut out the doorways and round them off a little, again, not needing to buy anything. I live in a studio so I was coming up with my own ideas to make things work for three different reasons or making things out of scraps hanging around. My sister wanted to send me to interior decorating school but I was just getting on the floor as a hairdresser. Boy, do I wish I went! I had a lot of wrought iron and glass, too! The only thing I added was a screen door from home Depot really cheap, and I painted it white and hung it myself. After 8 long years with no door in the summer LOL. I had a very old wooden crate that I turned on its side so I could fill it with my cassette tapes. Then I covered it with white linen cloth and made it creased for detail, put a three-tiered silver candelabra up on top of it then put fake roses around the bottom of the candelabra on top of the white cloth . I had this type of things all over the apartment because it was tiny … So now you can imagine how I feel that everyone doesn’t and has come up with their own invention!

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