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Under $100K Sunday – c.1909 Affordable Home in Sweden Under $85K USD


Affordable home in Sweden with pine floors, rustic beams and pocket doors.

Rögnaröd 4634 Bild 1
*2-3 Bedrooms
*1 Bath
*1,076 sq ft
*18,567 sq ft lot
*Build date 1909
Rögnaröd 4634 Bild 2


In a very nice location is this over 100 year old cottage. The house is built of wood and has many nice original details such as solid plank floors and beamed ceilings. Classic floor plan with room in file. Basement. Large plot with playhouse and wood storage. Opportunity to take over before the summer!
Rögnaröd 4634 Bild 3
Welcome in! First you enter a small hallway and then move on to the hall. Place for hanging.
Rögnaröd 4634 Bild 4
The kitchen is on the left hand side of the hall, and is an older kitchen with fridge (with freezer compartment), stove and fan. Stainless steel bench, and a small amount of laminate board. On the floor is an older plank floor.
Rögnaröd 4634 Bild 5
Rögnaröd 4634 Bild 6
The dining area can be reached on the right hand side from the hall. Here you get a nice overview of the house’s social areas with the living room which is in file. The beams of the house can be seen in the ceiling, here covered with white, but later in the living room the raw original beams are only oiled.
Rögnaröd 4634 Bild 7
Rögnaröd 4634 Bild 8
Rögnaröd 4634 Bild 9
The living room is a spacious nice room with a stove and nice beamed ceilings. The obvious gathering place in the house.
Rögnaröd 4634 Bild 10
Bedroom 1
Bedroom 1 has white wallpapered walls and windows facing the street.
Rögnaröd 4634 Bild 11
Bedroom 2 has white painted panel on the walls and a nice window section at an angle.
Rögnaröd 4634 Bild 12
Rögnaröd 4634 Bild 13
Bedroom 3
Bedroom 3 has two nice double doors, a nice room with wooden floors and clad beams.
Rögnaröd 4634 Bild 14
Rögnaröd 4634 Bild 15
A small toilet with toilet and sink.
Room with walk-in shower.
Rögnaröd 4634 Bild 16
Rögnaröd 4634 Bild 17
Rögnaröd 4634 Bild 18
Rögnaröd 4634 Bild 19
Contact Realtor:  Fastighetsbyrån Huvudkontor
Postadress: Fastighetsbyrån, Box 644, 101 32 Stockholm
Besöksadress: Västra Järnvägsgatan 7
Telefon: 08-54 54 55 00
Fax: 08-54 54 55 01
E-post: [email protected]

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