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Under $100K Sunday – Small Town Iowa Gothic Revival on 2.8 Acres Under $85K – Gorgeous Ceilings ~ Off Market

120 N Everitt St, Mitchell, IA, 50461     $84,900 ~ Off Market 


This beautiful Gothic Revival home sits on 2.8 acres in the tiny village of Mitchell, Iowa. Mitchell is nestled along the Cedar River, but according to the map, this home is not in the flood zone.
What bothers me is the agent’s remark,  “This property would make a great building location or put your own touch on this classic home and bring it back to life.” I hope he is not suggesting knocking this beauty down for a new build. That would constitute old house heresy. The ceilings are simply gorgeous as is the molding! Looks like they may have been holding an estate sale in there, so look past all the stuff.


Hard to find in town acreage along hard surfaced road. This Gothic Revival home boasts 2.8 acres, new well in 2010, new furnace in 2012, and is hooked to natural gas. The electrical has been updated in the kitchen and bathroom. This property would make a great building location or put your own touch on this classic home and bring it back to life. Call now and see all this property has to offer!
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  • Nathan

    A dear friend of mine owned this house for about 60 years and I spent many summers painting the outside and making small repairs. The place was built in the 1860s and the walls are the most solid you could ask for, my friend said the man who built the house owned a lumber mill and certainly spared no expence in materials. It’s had some badly built additions over the years but the original structure is intact, complete with servant’s quarters that havent been changed in 100 years. I spent so many happy times in this house with my dear friends and I truly hope that the new owner will be willing to do the work to restore this beautiful home and get as much enjoyment out of it as my friend did for so many years.

  • Nathan

    P.S. If the new owner is really ambitious, all the woodwork in the main rooms downstairs and the staircase is solid walnut under that white paint, or so my friend told me. Good luck!

  • that one

    I know the people that bought this house. The walls are not solid as Nathan said. The plaster is nothing but sand, and only thing holding the plaster to the walls is the wallpaper. How would Nathan like to have his hands in the air for weeks on end trying to scrape paint off the ceilings. There’s more than just white. The electrical was not brand new. They just ran some new wires in the basement and tied into the old stuff. The furnace almost burnt the house down. The local hvac company that installed it knew there were issues. They said to keep hitting the reset button. The thing was shutting off for a reason. They had already cut a hole into the side to see what was the issue. The house is infested with squirrels and squirrel poop and chewing through everything. The professional hvac guys also cut major joist in the house cause severe foundation issues. Your friend sure did a number on the house. She took off the original shutters and nailed them on backwards with 5″ nails. Every single window was caulked closed. Storms were cut in half for ac units and storms, and gingerbread tossed like yesterdays garbage for the gross 1970’s collapsing porches. Towns folk constantly stalk and harrase family that lives there. Only a few are happy they are there, but rest hate outsiders. They act like they care about history, but everyone in Iowa lets old buildings collapse. Corn more important than history on a style no one knows how to reproduce today. Why don’t they build houses or churches like they did 150 years ago? Also the orginal builder didn’t own a lumber mill. His father was a lumber baron in Wisconsin. In the Wisconsin dells. The builder of the house built the woolen mill on the river. I’m sure the house was grand before big D came along and trashed it with her hoard. House was built in 1973, found newspaper clippings online. There’s history of this house the owners would like to share with the locals, but with their unwanted behavior and prejudices. They decided to not share. Instead of driving circles all day like crazy creeps, maybe you should of offered to help instead of being weird, and complaining why it’s taking the owner so long to do xyz. Why does it matter? It’ll take as long as it’ll take, and it’s done on a budget. The house isn’t turn key as many think and think the house was immaculate. D was a hoarder. She hoarded all her buildings and tossed stuff from the house in the buildings around town. Like who takes 7” wide mortise locks straight out of the doors, and takes the metal floor vents out when the house is in escrow? Why do that? If anyone has items that belong to the house, please drop off. No questions asked. The elderly couple that own the old church down the street wouldn’t let the home owner in to see if they could find items that went into the home. They just had a trash bin there last summer tossing things and acted like they had gold in their building and couldn’t let them inside. Another building left to rot. Windows left to break and rot.

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