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Under $100K Sunday – Circa 1847 Fixer Upper in Glasgow, MO $99K

Charming fixer upper that is livable while you restore it. This brick 3Bedroom 1Bath home is located on a corner lot in historic Glasgow Missouri. This property features a lot of original woodwork, windows, doors, hardwood floors, and locally made brick. You have a view of the Missouri River from the front porch. The property has plenty of flowers and trees alike for the avid gardener. You will be located within walking distance of 1st street, where there are shops and eateries. This property is a rare gem you will not want to miss out on. Call today for a viewing.

Per Listing

  • 3bed
  • 1bath




400 2nd St, Glasgow, MO 65254.     $99,000

Contact Realtor: Shelly O’Bryan with Simply Realty

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  • chris

    its sad the damage that is done by a leaky roof but it cost money and sometimes there just is none to be had for such things it would be nice if some one steps up to the plate who can take this one on as that stove needs a home and this house is it and please follow up on this one and show us the after shots

  • Faith Friedrich

    Most of the house is lovely, needs paint removed from brick and work on ceiling
    Nice built in and bay windows I love the functional old fashion stove. They still are made and can be purchased.

  • Sarabeth

    First order of cosmetic business? Rip (out that awful paneling) & strip (all that painted over woodwork & brick)! This house could be a beauty…..hope it finds an owner worthy of the house. Theyre getting a buy.

  • Sara

    The stove is plumbed for gas, so it cant be that old…..its awesome. Hope the house finds some lucky owner that will bring the house & kitchen up to that level. Am curious about the bath & the room addition added by the carport.

  • Mary

    The paneling is likely hiding spaces formerly of lathe & plaster, sad to think of that damage, see the plastered walls and ceilings that need to be torn out.
    Love that old Hoosier but man lots of $$ needed here!

  • Mike palmer

    Love it! Seems a little pricey for the area and work needed… but I would love to tackle it!

  • Debby

    It’s stunning The antique stove in the kitchen? Oh please it’s unobtainable to even find one of those pretty much these days. What a beautiful house I think it’s lovely and it’s in a perfect location oh my goodness

  • Pat S.

    I have actually been to this home and toured it with one of the owners. She was a lovely and gifted woman. My husband and I visited the home for a tour looking for our retirement home. The idea is to purchase it before we retire in a few years to get as much work done on the home before we move in. We both love old houses and appreciate the love of craft that went into each of these old homes. I will say, when we were looking at it originally, the price was at $125K. The lovely metal fencing was done by the owners as they are smiths. It is a beautiful lovely fencing hand made. The interior does need work and some of the doors need repair. The basement still has the old chute and a dirt floor that probably has brick or stone underneath it. I do think the home needs some leveling in areas. The initial ad for the home showed to be over 2000 sq ft but then right before we went to see it was at 1400 sq ft. Now, I think it could be a 3 bedroom but you might have some small rooms. The balcony view from what I believe to be the master bedroom is beautiful! You could sit on the balcony in the morning having coffee, tea and breakfast looking out over the town. One of my favorite things other than how friendly everyone is in Glasgow, is the beauty. Many old homes, mostly very well cared for and the views! In that area of town the streets are terraced like you would see in a Scottish village looking over the Missouri River. It does not get much better than that! This could be a home that would be a show place!

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