Lustron home for sale

Sold – Under $100K Sunday- Circa 1950 Lustron Home For Sale in Fort Dodge, IA $65K

The prefab, enameled steel, Lustron homes were introduced in 1948 in response to the need of housing after WWII. Our featured home today is the yellow two-bedroom Esquire model. Here is another Lustron currently for sale.




The Original Esquire

The original Esquire ranch model measured 31 feet x 35 feet and offered a notched out front porch.
It had a living room with a picture window and built-in bookshelves.
A dining room with a built-in china cabinet that acted as a dividing wall between the kitchen.
Two bedrooms, one bath and a utility room for a total of 990 sq. ft. of space.   The master bedroom had a built-in dressing table with drawers and mirror. The porch has not been enclosed, as were many, and the porch pillars are the same.
The bathroom came with medicine cabinet, robe hook, shower bar and more.
In most cases, like our featured home, the foundation was a basic concrete slab. Windows were casement with aluminum sashes, and the skeleton framing of the house was steel. Porcelain steel panels formed the siding, interior walls and roof.
Lustron homes like this one sold from the factory for about $7,500. By the time a foundation, erection costs and other fees were added, the total could amount to $10,000. At a time when similar-sized frames homes were going for $6,500 complete, $10K seemed a high price to pay for a small, plain looking house. Although about 2,500 Lustron homes were sold, the company soon folded.


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