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Under $100K Sunday – Historic Hotel For Sale in Sharon Springs, NY $99K

OHU50K Notes    $99,000

Ahh, a historic hotel in Sharon Springs!

Our family often took Sunday drives to Sharon Springs, an historic spa village. Back in the day, the town’s mineral springs were enjoyed as medical treatments during the summers by wealthy families from New York City, including the Vanderbilts. Between 1836 to 1860, large hotels were built in the village. We would explore the abandoned buildings, picnic on the grounds and gleefully hold our noses for the sulfur smell at Magnesia Temple. More recently, Sharon Springs is of Beekman Mansion fame. My husband and I actually toured it when it was in sad shape and considered buying it for a split second. The two men who purchased it a decade later did a fabulous restoration, which we could never have afforded.

124 Willow St, Sharon Springs, NY 13459     $99,000




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