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Under $75K Thursday ~ c.1886 St. Joseph Move-In Ready Home Under $60K

608 S. 9th Street, St. Joseph, Missouri     $59,900

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This move-in ready home has a long and interesting history as told by Historic St. Joseph Emporium.

Built sometime in the 1880s, the lovely brick duplex at 606/608 S. 9th Street has long been a fixture in the historic heart of St. Joseph. Currently the unit at 608 is for sale (not the entire building).

Among the earliest tenants in 608 were the Bielhen family. Frederick was a machinist who moved here from Buffalo, NY where he was born on Feb. 17, 1854 to German immigrant parents. He was president of H.C. Burke Manufacturing Company located at 7th and Messanie. The company specialized in the manufacture of engines. Frederick was well-respected in the city for his technical expertise and served for a time on the board of examining engineers. Frederick was married to Kate who made her own mark in the newspapers in December 1895 when two young women, Tillie Sours and Clara Holmes, were arrested for stealing clothing from her. They had a daughter Minnie.

In 1898 George and Florence Akers moved in to 606 with their three children Charles (who was the child of George’s first marriage), Blanche, and Helen and his father William. William did not live there long, dying at the house in 1899. George was a city Alderman who worked for Akers & Fahey, grocers located at 833 S. 10th Street – so he would have had a very pleasant short walk to work from his home. He married Florence in 1890 and they had two children together.

The eldest Akers child, Charles F. was a hotel clerk in 1900. He died at age 45 in 1929 in New Mexico. He had served as Deputy County Assessor, and served during the First World War. During that conflict he was assigned to the coast artillery and shipped out to France in 1918. He returned to St. Joseph in 1919, but his health had been undermined and he moved to New Mexico seeking a more congenial atmosphere. His family had moved out of 60 S. 9th prior to his enlistment.

By 1904, 608 was being rented by John Anthony Schelhamer, a druggist with a store at 628 S. 8th Street (again a nice short walk to work). John was married to Mary E. a native of King City, MO. The couple had no children and they remained on N. 9th Street until about 1915.

In 1915, Samuel and Julia Berlin were the renters of 608. Samuel did not live there long, dying at the house on Dec. 10, 1915. His wife, a practical nurse, sued the Plymouth Clothing Company for $10,000 alleging that his death had been brought on by a fall that he had suffered in the elevator at the company on Jan. 26, 1914. He sued the company for $25,000.

During the first half of the 1930s, St. Joseph police officer Cleve S. Matthews and family lived in 606. Cleve was lieutenant at the South Side Station in 1930 and was a well known figure in the community. Cleve’s stepdaughter, Marjoire Alburtis lived with them. Marjorie was a member of the 1930 graduating class of Central High School. For a short time she went to Marshalltown, Iowa to work for an interior decorating company, but she returned to St. Joseph soon afterward.

Between 1935 and 1958 the Kalis family lived in 608. Barney was a Polish immigrant who had come to the United States in 1891. Like so many from Eastern Europe at that time, he came to the US to escape the anti-Jewish activities that were so dangerous. When the family moved in to their side of the duplex on S. 9th Street he owned a café at 229 Edmond. Unfortunately, Barney died of heart disease in October 1935, so he had little time at the house. His wife Rose and daughter Ida continued to live at the house. Rose was a Russian immigrant who had fled the same anti-Semitic violence that brought her husband to this country. She was not well educated, only having completed the 6th grade, but she was a hard worker and was employed for a time at the police jail before her death in 1947. Ida was well-known in her own right. She never married but was a popular tavern keeper. Like her father she died young; in 1958 she died of a heart attack at the age 54.

The duplex has been effectively restored and the unit at 608 is for sale. This is an amazing opportunity to live in the heart of the historic residential neighborhoods of St. Joseph.

The home is located in a very attractive, historic neighborhood, but the area has high crime stats.

3 bed
2 bath
1,828 sqft
Build date 1886
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This charming move-in ready unit in an historic brick duplex has been wonderfully restored and retains many of its historic features. There is a lovely tile fireplace with a decorative mantelpiece, original leaded glass windows, interior glass French doors. Buyer is purchasing only this unit – not the entire building. Buyer must occupy the property. This property is part of Neighborhood Partner Condominiums, Inc. buyer maximum income guidelines apply.

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