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Under $75K Thursday – c.1920 Affordable Home For Sale in Oil City, PA $60K – Gorgeous Woodwork – Pending

310 Innis St, Oil City, PA 16301 $60,000 Pending


c.1920 Affordable Home For Sale in Oil City, PA $60K


This was the home of Daniel J. Skelly, District Attorney of Venango County. He lived here with his wife Ruth and children Julia and Joseph from the 1930s until his death at age 56 in 1949. The family continued to live in the home until the late 1960s. Joseph followed in his dad’s footsteps by earning a law degree from Villanova.




Old time charm awaits you! Step through the front door and the beauty of the woodwork greets you! This lovely 4 bedroom home in Oil City has the space to grow your family and allow you space to work from home on the 3rd floor if that is what you need. The Foyer, Living Room and Dining Room all have decorative fireplaces that you could convert to working gas fireplaces and pocket doors. Built in custom cabinetry for kitchen, old time white porcelain sink with drainboard keeps the period look for the home. Some leaded glass windows, most have been updated, newer furnace, newer hot water heater. Seller will include appliances. Driveway is shared access to integral garage with parking in front of garage door only (deeded). Small back yard. Take a look, you will love it!


  • DieselEstate

    Once again: Thank You so much for highlighting this beauty. I truly appreciate the honest simplicity of the craftsmanship in this house. I pray that it gets an owner wishing to preserve the functional, creatively quotidian form. Even the toilet is a ringing endorsement of frictionless accessibility.
    Given the professional status of the past occupants, this house is an important example of a desire for quality, whilstp remaining in touch with a proletarian nature. Thereby establishing a foothold in a community for the family. Even high ranking lawyers did not want or need ridiculous “luxury” ostentation, so readily adopted nowadays. One separate toilet. One proper bathroom with a decent bath. Notice that today, we are being robbed of baths but, strangely, the number of bathrooms per house is increasing. The tyranny of The Wet Room. Sigh. Soon we shall be in the cretinous situation of having more bathrooms per house, than bedrooms. How many bodies really need to be washed simultaneously? In an age of Climate Crisis, we adopt cringeing attitudes of shameful waste when downsizing towards sustainability is the very key to our survival.
    Oh Dear. I rant again.


    What a beauty! I live in this region and own a house with similar features, though not in this abundance (I have one gorgeous fireplace instead of 3, etc). I discovered that this type of house is really common here! I have enjoyed talking with folks who have similar houses, trading stories about preservation and restoration and the challenges inherent in houses this old (like our damp cellars and ucky 70s panelling installed by previous owners). Thanks for posting.

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