Under $75K Thursday – c.1940 Handyman Special in Lake City FL $54K ~ Sold

853 SE Monroe St, Lake City, FL, 32025.   $54,000 Sold for $44,750


We don’t get much in Florida, even a handyman special, under our price constraints anymore. In 1990, we were looking to relocate to a warmer climate from the tundra-like snow belt of New York state. I researched Florida, and recall finding waterfront properties for under $100,000. It is difficult to find even a fixer upper in the boonies for that these days. When we do, the area usually has higher crime.


Investment Handyman Special Home that has room for a family Being a 4 bed, 2 baths. The house has new lament Flooring, Hot-water heater, and Central A/C. It also has an Electric Oven and up to code electrical. It also has a front porch to enjoy the hot summer days. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, Call Today.

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