Under $75K Thursday – Circa 1900 Pennsylvania Handyman Special Under $70K

OHU50K Notes   $69,900

Circa 1900 brick home in a small town (pop.824) along Fishing Creek. In fact, a covered bridge (now gone) used to be a stone’s throw from the house. Now the small damn is just done the street.  The brick construction, beautiful staircase, hardwood floors, small town life, all combine to make this home an appealing prospect.


If interested in a property, please contact the realtor whose link is provided in the post below, or contact an agent of your own choosing. Independent verification of details and status is recommended.

115 Market St, Benton, PA 17814    $69,900



Town History

Per Wikipedia:

The Benton area was first settled by two families in 1792. A schoolhouse was opened in 1799. Starting around 1860, tanning and lumber industries began to grow north of the borough. By 1868, Benton had about fifty houses. In the year of 1910 Benton was destroyed by a fire. Two teenagers had lit firecrackers in a hay barn causing over 60 buildings to go up in flames. The town did not yet have a water system so the fire was unable to be extinguished.[6] The Benton dam was built in 1915 as a result. However, this was not the end of Benton’s disasters. Another fire struck just one year later destroying more houses. Again in 1962 a fire ripped through the town destroying the distillery and its warehouse containing over 17,000 bottles of whiskey. In 2011 benton was also ripped apart by a nasty flood. While Benton has sure went through many disasters, it is still here and thriving today.[



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