Under $75K Thursday ~ UPDATE:c.1930 Welaka Florida Handyman Special $65K ~ SOLD

690 3rd Ave, Welaka, FL 32193    $89,900 Reduced to $65,000 Sold for $63,000



We don’t find too many old homes in Florida with original architectural details under the $75K mark. It has been reduced from $90K. This c.1930 handyman special in Welaka (pop. 702) is just down the street from the scenic St. Johns River.

Oh, I just spied that crystal ceiling lighting fixture in the front foyer. We salvaged the exact same fixture from the Stone Harbour, New Jersey, 1930’s summer house of heirs of the Coats & Clark Thread Company before the home was razed. The fixture hung in our front foyer for a few years, before we changed it out. I still have the exterior porch lanterns from the Coats & Clark house, however.

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