German street house for sale

Circa 1900 Illinois German Street House For Sale $42K

8 W Monroe StBelleville, IL, 62220 $42,000


This home was owned by Charles Waigand (1873-1942). He was of German descent and worked as a laborer for the stove works company. Charles married Rose Germain (1875-1907) in 1904. The couple had met while Charles was working as a servant in her parents’ home. The couple had one child, but sadly, Rose died (and infant) in child birth with her second child. It took several years for Charles to get over the loss of Rose. He had a young child to raise and a job, but he waited six years before he married the widow Anne Kreher Frick (1878-1953) in 1913.  She had one daughter Georgeana by her first husband.


Charles tragically died in 1942 when he was kicked in the stomach by a mule while working at a  farm.


Charles Waigand




Anna Frick Waigand


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