10 US Towns Named For Christmas

10 US Towns Named For Christmas

Here’s a list of 10 US towns named For Christmas.

1. Santa Claus, Indiana

Located in Spencer County, Indiana, Santa Claus is a town that fully embraces the Christmas spirit. It is home to various Christmas-themed attractions, including Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari amusement park, where the holiday is celebrated year-round.



2. Christmas, Florida

Christmas is a small town located in Orange County, Florida. Although it doesn’t have any Christmas-themed attractions, it is known for its post office that receives thousands of letters addressed to Santa Claus each year.


3. North Pole, Alaska


North Pole is a city in the Fairbanks North Star Borough of Alaska. It’s a popular tourist destination, especially during the holiday season, with Christmas-themed shops, Santa Claus House, and a large Santa Claus statue.



4. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

Bethlehem is a historic city in eastern Pennsylvania. While it is not named directly after Christmas, it shares its name with the biblical birthplace of Jesus, making it associated with the Christmas story. Bethlehem is known for its charming downtown area and annual Christkindlmarkt, a popular Christmas market.

5. Noel, Missouri

Located in McDonald County, Missouri, Noel is a small town that embraces its Christmassy name. It hosts an annual Christmas parade and festivities, attracting visitors from nearby areas.

6.Christmas Valley, Oregon

Christmas Valley is an unincorporated community located in Lake County, Oregon. Situated in a remote and scenic area, it offers outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, fishing, and camping.

7. Christmas Cove, Maine

Christmas Cove is a picturesque coastal village located in South Bristol, Maine. It is known for its beautiful scenery, including charming cottages and a small harbor.

8. Holly Springs, Mississippi

While not named directly after Christmas, Holly Springs in Mississippi has a name associated with the holiday season. It is a historic town with antebellum homes, a charming downtown area, and several cultural attractions.

9. Mistletoe, Kentucky

Mistletoe is an unincorporated community in Hopkins County, Kentucky. Although it’s a small town, its name evokes the holiday spirit and the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe.



10.Christmasville, Tennessee

Located in Madison County, Tennessee, Christmasville is an unincorporated community that bears a festive name. It’s a peaceful rural area with beautiful landscapes.

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