2 for 1

2 For 1 ~ Two c.1928 Cottages in Jacksonville Florida Under $50K ~ Sold

2009 McQuade St, Jacksonville, FL 32209     

$50,000 ~ Reduced to $42,000 ~ Sold for $36k


Here is a 2 for 1 in Jacksonville, Florida. OHU50K gets so many requests for old homes in states like Florida, and the Northwest and Southwest states, states in which homes with windows and roofs are almost impossible to find under our price constraints. So please don’t blame the messenger for some of the homes OHU50K will be featuring in these states in the coming months.
As far as Florida is concerned, the majority of old houses under $50k are found in Jacksonville, but that city unfortunately has high crime. Our featured homes today are located in the Robinson’s Addition neighborhood of Jacksonville, an industrial area with a small collection of residential streetcar suburbs that were platted during the boom period after the Great Fire of 1901. The neighborhood is characterized by narrow gridded streets, small wood frame housing,  a few masonry corner stores, churches, industrial facilities and the 9-acre Westbrook Park.
Our two homes each feature beadboard, hardwood floors and a fireplace.


What a deal! 2 for 1. Two houses that are rent-able with just a little work. Both homes are two bedrooms and one bath with a metal roof. These homes come equipped with original hard wood floors. Come take a look today.
2009 Mc Quade St, Jacksonville, FL 32209
OHU50K does not represent this property.

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