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Aladdin Kit House Tuesday – The La Salle

Like Sears Home Kits, the Aladdin Company of Bay City, Michigan, designed and sold house kits for thousands of Americans across the country. Their 1917 catalog showcased over 60 home designs, from a plain four-room cottage to an impressive four-bedroom Colonial Revival, ranging in price from $475 to $1,985. All the materials needed to build yourself a home were shipped to your address, and then it was up to you to do the rest.


The La Salle was a Colonial Revival style offered from 1915 to 1917. The design was specially prepared by Aladdin and erected for a prominent citizen of Bay City, Michigan, at 2108 Center Street in what is now known as the Center Avenue Neighborhood Residential District.


Three dormers with casement windows sat atop the roof. Most interesting is the front entrance semi-circle porch.


First Level



The entrance hall is the center of the house, directly adjoining the living room, dining room, den at the rear and the staircase up to the second level.  Note the single staircase can be accessed from the hallway and the kitchen.



Second Level


The second floor shows exceptionally large bedrooms and closets for the times, as well as a small bathroom.


Example in the Wild

Not for Sale

2108 Center, Bay City, MI



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