shotgun house for sale

c.1914 Shotgun House For Sale in New Orleans, LA $90K -Sold

1017 Verret St, New Orleans, LA 70114.     $90,000 Sold

c.1914 Shotgun House For Sale in New Orleans, LA $90K


Love the description of the Algiers neighborhood.

Two gray cats lounge in the blue shade of a front porch. A bust of Elvis sits in a side yard, draped with Mardi Gras beads. Ginger blooms spice the air. You’re in New Orleans, but not the one you might know. In a city of exotic names, the historic neighborhood of Algiers stands apart. Literally. It sits across the Mississippi River, connected to downtown by a ferry line – one of the nation’s oldest. As they have over three centuries running, a boat deposits you on the levee of Algiers Point. Explore. Relax. Its pace may be quiet, but its architecture is not – the wood houses lathed and carved in a variety of Victorian embellishment, shout their individuality. And history: The War of 1812, the Union occupation, an 1895 fire almost leveled it. But back Algiers came to make music. Jazz flourished here with neighborhood artists such as Kid Valentine and Papa Celestine. Algiers still sings its own New Orleans tune. Cross the water and listen.


Investors this darling Old Algiers cottage should be your next project! Off-street parking, charming details, & located in an X flood zone. This house is on a block surrounded by recent renovations and development, it’s the perfect opportunity to scoop up this diamond in the making! Best suited for cash buyers or reno loan. Inspections are for info. purposes only- the seller will not make ANY repairs or ANY financial concessions.Deadline to submit offers: 5 pm, Monday, June 21st



    Wow! In my view, totally worth the price. I took that ferry ride to Algiers with a friend who lived there and had a nice little lunch at a quaint sidewalk cafe. For folks who have the patience for New Orleans’ and Louisiana’s shortcomings, such as storms, city crime, tourists, and political shenanigans; this house would be a great home. This is a magical place I enjoyed visiting for years.

  • Donna

    What a cute house, I would have loved to have it, but it’s been sold already.

    New Orleans is a city of celebrations. While the French Quarters has crime it is still one of the safer areas for tourists to explore. It’s best to travel in groups with at least one person who knows the streets and how to navigate to and through the Quarters. There are certain streets you don’t go on after dark and some you don’t go on anytime of the day or n ight.

    The area is vibrant and no one really cares what you look like or how you fit in, everyone is welcome. You will see every walk of life in the Quarters. The streets come alive with Jazz during the day but by nightfall the streets have exploded with great music, food and drinks. Although there are plenty of places to party in buildings the streets are more likely to be your dance floor because everyone is there too.

    During the day, minus the heat of summer scorches time, there is a steady flow of people walking around sight seeing, going in and out of the shops which sell a variety of items from low to extra high end. Art is offered in the city to be viewed and even buy, there is always a southern feel to the artistry. In the French Market you will find good food and all the typical flea market items of handbags, sunglasses, silver jewelry, t-shirts, a few handmade pieces of clothing and about anything else you can think of. On the weekends they have additional vendors set up with garage sale type items.

    All of those areas can be enjoyed by crossing the river from Algiers and the best part is parking costs less. To park anywhere in the Quarters you are looking at high costs, you can pay by the hour or pay for the day but you have to pay in advance. During festivals and carnivals it hard to find a spot to park in the Quarters at all. Never park along the streets that say residential parking only because you will get towed. Even as a resident you have to move your car during parades and other times where people will be walking. Signs will go up announcing it.

    Crime is everywhere in the world, New Orleans just has a higher rate than a lot of cities it’s size, but don’t let that keep you from enjoying all New Orleans has to offer. Again, know the safe areas, stay in groups, be off the streets by 2:00 a.m. (nothing good happens after 2:00 a.m.) and don’t look like a tourist, walk with a purpose and don’t get so drunk you pass out on the streets. After you’ve done all of that, pray a little harder and ask God to send a party angel to protect you.

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