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c.1920 Affordable Home For Sale in Bison, KS $39K ~ Sold

321 E 1st St, Bison, KS, 67520           $39,000 Sold

c.1920 Affordable Home For Sale in Bison, KS


This wonderful brick home is located in Bison, Kansas (pop.255). Named for the many such native animals in the area, the town was originally named Buffalo until they discovered another town of the same name already existed in Kansas.

This home really appeals to me. Several of the town’s commercial buildings have similar arched brickwork, but it is the interior of this house that is the real showstopper. The woodwork is beautiful, as are the vintage kitchen cupboards and hardwood floors.
The old Bison Mercantile


Looking for an amazing home at an ever better price? Come see everything this amazing property has to offer from the large corner lot with a privacy fence to the beautiful wood work. Call Dallas Karlin to make it yours.


  • Mike Butler

    Hello!! What a treat to see my NEW HOUSE on this website 🙂 You are welcome anytime if you’re in the area. I have big dreams for it, but first things first is to fix some of the brick work including the chimney and front steps. Also, perhaps you can help me to identify the specific architectural style of the home? Warmest regards – Mike the latest Bison resident.

  • Michael Butler

    The house is back on the market! After a lot of tender love and care, I’ve transformed this home. I hope it will go to someone who appreciates its unique qualities. The housing market prices have gone up here, so it’s worth a considerable amount more this time.

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