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c.1920 Fixer Upper in Lebanon, MO Under $30K – Original Kitchen

461 Polk Ave, Lebanon, MO 65536                                             $29,899

c.1920 Fixer Upper in Lebanon, MO Under $30K – Original Kitchen



The focal point of this cute little cottage is the original kitchen cupboards. The vertical beadboard is pretty cool, too. What is not cool is the ceaseless realtor comments that continually begin with the words investors and/or  flip. Almost every house under our $50K price tag have such words in the realtor description, and I feel realtors may be manipulating the market. I don’t begrudge people making a buck, but I feel that families on a budget should get first dibs on the American dream of home ownership. Agree? Disagree?


Would you like a flip home?? This would make someone a great investment property! Whether you are look for a flip home, rental or a fixer-upper to live in, this is the perfect place. Sits on a large, beautiful level lot in town. This home has lots of potential and is waiting for its new owners to bring it back to life. Call today for your showing.


  • thelma scudi

    once upon a time, long ago and far away, I bought junk houses. people I knew would say, “get a bull dozer.” yes, I cleaned them up, made the foundation and the roof sound; made sure the mechanical systems actually worked, made them clean and attractive. most often I sold them “seller will carry mortgage and first trust deed.”

    yes, I made money; it’s why at 77 I can live on my social security and live within my means.

    the problem with the idea that the people who need homes should have first dibs is that it means well but ignores a lot of flaws. most people who need a home can not even find a five percent down payment. most people who need a home may not have a secure job and cannot qualify for a loan. and almost all people who need a home are not carpenters or plumbers or electricians.

    so, an investor, who is ethical, and who does not hold out for a top dollar profit, is a gift to those who need a home. an honest investor, who is interested in more than numbers can make mortgages to those who can not qualify in the commercial market.

  • Jennifer Anderson

    AGREE!!! I am an older single female creative with few options for home ownership. All these older home with character are still lovely homes as is. I am contemplating a way to put creatives and cheap older homes together. To preserve them and give creative people (often underemployed) and seniors an affordable way to have a home.

  • Kathy

    I agree. Most investors kill the charm of the house and Jack the price up. Let the people who don’t have a lot of money buy the inexpensive houses. Life is not all about money.

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