cottage for sale

Sold – c.1950 Cottage For Sale in Milwaukee, WI For $48K

4751 N 20th St, Milwaukee, WI 53209  $48,000 Sold for $48,000

Cottage For sale




Cottage For Sale! Thanks in part to current mortgage interest rates around 3.25%. Locked in for 30 Years! You can have privacy, security, control of your environment, In A Home To Call Your Own. While building home equity and wealth year-over-year. Start building your future today! Don’t rent the landlord’s rooms – Buy Your Own Home.Is Owning A Home Part of Your American Dream? But Breaking the Rent Cycle is hard to do! Your moment of freedom may be here. You don’t have to go on paying the landlord. You could own this comfortable home and perhaps for a lot less than you’re paying in monthly rent today.


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