c.1959 Sweet Little Red Cottage For Sale in Sweden Under $48K USD – Sold

KRISTINEFORS, TORSBY.  Sweden.     $47,500 USD      (395 000 krona) Sold

c.1959 Sweet Little Red Cottage For Sale in Sweden Under $48K USD

home for sale

c.1959 Sweet Little Red Cottage For Sale in Sweden Under $48K USD

Cozy cottage in a plane with undecorated attic.There is an entrance hall, kitchen, living room, a bedroom and shower room.Lush plot with, among other things, garden pond with waterfalls and goldfish, and with forest and nature on the doorstep.On the plot there is also an outbuilding with space for storage and greenhouses.Welcome to Koivicko, a place with a quiet location and a cottage in a plane with undecorated attic.The attic can be decorated in order to get more bedrooms and space for socializing.From the entrance hall you can reach the bright kitchen where you can have room for a smaller dining table.Directly to the left by the kitchen is the bedroom of the apartment.Straight ahead from the kitchen is accessed common room and inside the living room is the shower room.Welcome to the viewing!
*Build date 1959
*2 bedrooms
*1 bath
Property Listing
Realtor: Fastighetsbyrån Huvudkontor
Postadress: Fastighetsbyrån, Box 644, 101 32 Stockholm
Besöksadress: Västra Järnvägsgatan 7
Telefon: 08-54 54 55 00
Fax: 08-54 54 55 01
E-post: [email protected]
home for sale


The entrance level houses entré hall with space for hanging, door with stairs to attic and wardrobe.Floor plastic mat.Wallpaper.Kitchen Bright kitchen with space for smaller dining tables and windows in two directions.The kitchen is equipped with stove with oven, fridge with freezer compartment and wood stove (blackened 2020-01-13 and fire protection controlled 2019-04-10, without deviation).Bench and cabinet interior with white or blue painted kitchen cabinets (partly built in place) and laminate countertop and stainless steel bench/ho.White tile above bench. Under the sink there is a water pump.Laminate flooring.Painted walls. Bedroom 1 Wooden floor.Wallpaper.Living room/Bedroom Bright room with windows in two directions.Floor plastic mat.New wallpaper. Shower room With WC, sink, shower corner, washing machine (not included), water heater, cast iron stove (blackened 2017-11-23 and fire protection controlled 2019-04-10, without deviation) and fax fan.Floor plastic mat.Plastic mat or white painted panel on walls. Upper floor houses Undecorated attic With several rooms/compartments.


BUILDING TYPE: Cottage in 11/2-level BUILDING YEAR: 1959 FOUNDATION: Crofter’s foundation FOUNDATION: Concrete FRAME: Wood/timber FAÇade: Wood WINDOW: 2-glass JOISTS: Wood/timber ROOF: Sheet metal UTV. SHEET METAL WORK: Painted sheet heating: Direct-acting electricity (radiators) and electric cities TYPE VENTILATION: Self-draught OTHER: New electrical wiring.OTHER BUILDINGS: Outbuilding with natural stone foundation, frame of wood/timber and older roofs of sheet metal.Houses two storage rooms, wood sheds and wind used as storage.Plastic greenhouses (worse condition). Energy declaration is not required.The building is exempt from the obligation to declare energy.

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