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Under $100K Sunday – Former Bank For Sale in Dawson, PA $80K – Victorian Masterpiece


This amazing bank building in Dawson, Pennsylvania, was built in 1897.  Dawson has an abundance of wonderful architecture. If you have time, you might want to take a Google Map drive down some of the town’s streets.  The bank building, however, has to be one of the most impressive buildings in Dawson. A gorgeous Victorian, it takes a prominent place in the  small town along the banks of the Youghiogheny River.

The structure originally served as the First National Bank as well as offices for the coal and coke businesses that dominated Dawson in its heyday.  It sits proudly on Main Street with its two and a half stories, corner turret, rusticated stone foundation, arched stone sills,  steeply pitched roofline with copper trim, eight gables and slate roof still intact, opposite the gorgeous Queen Anne Victorian built by James Cochran.

Apparently, a truck struck the corner of the building and a pillar is missing by the entrance.

Before one of the entrance pillars was knocked off.


15,000 square foot building with 2 functioning vaults. Located in Dawson, Pennsylvania. The building can support 3 street level commercial spaces, and the second floor can support office space and an apartment or two, and the 3rd floor is begging to be made into 2 enormous lofts. Serious inquiries only ( like look up where this town is before contacting the owner). This building is not in Ohiopyle.  For some reason FB is showing it as approximate location, it is a half hour from Ohiopyle.

Build date 1897

Property Listing


200-206 Main Street, Dawson, PA        $80,000

Contact: via Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is the only contact info.

Google Map



Before pillar was knocked off



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