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Old Houses Under $50K History Tuesday – Grandmother’s House

History Tuesday at Old Houses Under $50K is for informational purposes only and focuses on beautiful homes that were built for less than $50,000 back in the day. They are usually not for sale, and if they were, they would certainly cost way more than $50K. Today we are featuring Pickity Place in Mason, New Hampshire, aka Grandmother’s House.


If you have ever read the 1948 Little Golden Book Little Red Riding Hood, you may be familiar with this house. Pickity Place is the setting for the classic story illustrated by Elizabeth Orton Jones. When Jones was asked by Golden Books to illustrate the story, she immediately knew the house and woods she wanted to model Grandmother’s house after.



A friend and author of Jones had purchased the house next door. When Jones saw the little red house and heard it was being sold for back taxes, and for the same amount as a royalty check she had recently earned, she purchased the cottage immediately.

Today, at the end of the winding, mile-long drive and hidden behind a gnarled old tree, you will find an enchanting cottage known as Pickity Place, a restaurant with themed gardens of herbs and vegetables, greenhouses and a gift shop.  Adults are served gourmet fare with the freshest ingredients while pizza or sandwiches for children are served in picnic baskets much like Little Red Riding Hood’s.

Built in 1786, the cape style house with shake roof and tidy shutters is a throwback to simpler times and a wonderful place to visit. Grandmother and Little Red are nowhere in sight, but beware of the stuffed Big Bad Wolf as you enter the front door!


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