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Save This Old House – c.1880 Fixer Upper in East Wheeling Historic District, WV Under $40K ~ Off Market

111 15th St, Wheeling, WV, 26003         $42,000  Off Market 

c.1880 Fixer Upper in East Wheeling Historic District, WV $42K


We hope that someone will save this old house in the East Wheeling Historic District of Wheeling, West Virginia. The home was built in 1880 as an Italianate, but an entirely new Colonial Revival facade was added at the turn of the century. The dormer was likely added at the same time. The two story, two bay home has a stone foundation.  The empty lot adjacent to the home has been there since at least 1999 when the NRHP application was made.


Must see to appreciate all of the character this home could offer. New water line in, new sewage line out, new electric service (200 amp), new gas line in. Newer roof, lots of new framing in building. House is completely gutted and ready for renovations. Incredible historic mantels, doorknobs, doors and ornate stairwell. Large window openings. Beautiful exterior woodwork and rear ornate portico. Beautiful bones on this building. There is no HVAC unit. House is close to stores, schools, bus line and easy access to interstate.
Farm land featured at 111 15th St, Wheeling, WV 26003
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  • Rahnae

    Its extremely beautiful. Im looking st this home with my mouth agape at its potential and rough beauty.

  • sherry hood

    The wood work in this house is stunning! Do you think the little room attached to the back off of the portico is original?

  • Selina

    technically: an empty ruin, all interior ripped out! besides teo kinda plain fireplaces and the stairs, there is ONE left ceiling, that is original….well, the entrance is quite impressive, but as mentioned added later, so basically from that “Italiano” is nothing left…no plaster, no tapestry, just the entrance amd that ugly rear essembling…the house to the right is long gone, so the reason for the whole backjard so,ution does mot make any sense anymore….
    besides that: as the majority of the walls are frames, and only the right wall to the cleared land is in bricks, the rest ( or at least a big part) appears to be frames covered with painted asbesto cement shindles! (? ) have fun working on this….making a new one is cheaper, the blue paint is going off and basically just an entrance and an empty hull with a stairway…🤷‍♀️inside is almost nothing original left,….and asbestocement is a hazzle and the regulations on it tight( which is a giod thing if people would only stick to those rules)…
    a given up project( otherwise, why should there be newly done electricity, gas and so on….someone gave up after they ruined the complete interior, or there was nothing left to preserve bcs it was already rotten?
    at the end…a carcass…no windows, no room concept and a lot of old issues to deal with…if people like that style build a new one or preserve the entrance in a museeum🤷‍♀️the concept will always be a dark house bcs ghe only window openings are into that alley🤷‍♀️but nothing left in there but strandboard covers…40k overpriced🤷‍♀️sorry….location: worthless, entrance: expensive conservation case, rest: gone! or i miss something of worth here? it.s sad, but too late…a money grave as so many thousand old houses…


    I think its being gutted is a blessing. Someone with brawn and know-how could insulate and dry wall it. It’s possible the lack of windows could be put to good use. The Art Dean at my college built a house with few windows. We thought she was crazy until we realized she’d done that to hang all her art. Work is trending toward remote; more knowledge-based professionals are choosing to work from home, which means you could move to a low-profile place like Wheeling, make good money and spend it on this bargain. Let’s hope all stars align for this one!


    I had to take another look, and this time I explored the neighborhood via Google. I think the person taking on this house will need to be fearless and independent as the neighborhood is a center point for social service agencies — nothing wrong with social services or needing them, just that you’d know you were moving into a place where there is a populace with issues. I’d want to buy the vacant lot as well as the house so I could control my immediate environment. I got such a chuckle — a few houses down from this one is a house with a “No Loitering” sign on the door and right in front of the door are a couple of guys doing just that! Thanks for posting. This was a fun one!

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