George F. Barber

Under $100K Sunday – Cheap-ish Alabama George F. Barber House For Sale Under $130K

If interested in a property, please contact the realtor whose link is provided in the post below, or contact an agent of your own choosing. Independent verification of details and status is recommended.

107 Martin Luther King Blvd S, Union Springs, AL 36089  $129,900

  • Contact Realtor: Sandra Michael
  • Brokered by: Storing Up Treasures Realty  (334) 473-7079
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Family History

Located in Union Springs, Alabama, this c.1906 fixer upper is the Rosenstihl-Reid House called Rosedale.




It was originally owned by Col. Henry Joseph Rosenstihl (1869-1959), jeweler and Union Springs fire chief, and his second wife Anna. Rosenstihl’s Jewelry Store was owned by father and son German-born William Rosenstihl and son Henry Joseph Rosenstihl.  The senior Rosenstihl was an expert watchmaker. After his death, Henry continued to operate the jewelry store, graduating from the Horology School at the Bradley Institute of Technology and continuing as a jeweler for seventy years.

Henry’s daughter Helen Claire (1911-1974), a famous stage star in adulthood, was born at this house. Highly educated, Helen began acting in the 1930s, starring in more than a hundred roles on the stage, on and Off Broadway, summer stock,  radio and television.





Below is the Old 2019 Listing

107 Martin Luther King Blvd S, Union Springs, AL 36089 


  • Cindy

    This is a perfect example of a historical renovation gone wrong. Obviously the people had no clue what they were doing by completely demolishing the upper floors. What a SHAME!

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