Texas ghost town for sale

Under $100K Sunday – West Texas Ghost Town For Sale $100K

Thanks go out to reader Sandy for submitting this West Texas ghost town for sale at a base price of $100,000. It includes an old motel, former gas station/restaurant, and former grocery store/post office.




Seller Comments

  • Septic system with leach field at the shower house.
  • The former grocery store/post office (shown as Townhall on Lobo map) kitchen and bathroom is connected to an existing cess pool.
  • Running hot and cold water in the former grocery store/post office.
  • New well pump, pipes, and control system installed. Functionality last checked in September 2022 – see video -.
  • There are two 400 gal water tanks and a pump in the former gas station as a backup system in case the well fails.
  • The former grocery store/post office, the motel, and the former gas station/ restaurant have functioning lighting and outlets.
  • One of the smaller houses has functioning wiring for the outlets and ceiling lights.
  • All roofs -except the motel- were rebuilt with plywood or OSB and covered with roll roofing. The roofs on the smaller houses have developed significant leaks over the years.
  • The motel has 3-tab shingles on it which are still in pretty good shape (no leaks).
  • The roofs of the former grocery store/post office and the former gas station and the restaurant are covered with about 3000 sqft of corrugated metal roofing in good condition.
  • There is a 5′ fence with two gates along the entire length of Lobo along US Highway 90
  • All motel rooms have functioning windows, window shutters, and doors. One motel room has in addition a 6′ sliding glass door. Most interior walls are painted.
  • The former gas station and restaurant (1500sqft) has four large intact windows (3′ x 6′-7′), interior wall paneling, painted walls and ceiling, and a refurbished counter/bar.
  • Living room, 3 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, screened-in porch, 800 sqft storage room

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Lobo has seen more transformations than Miley Cyrus.  The desert town located about 130 miles southeast of El Paso, was a water source starting in the 1850s when the Van Horn Wells, the only water source in a hundred-mile radius, was discovered.  Steam locomotives would refill their water tanks here in the 1860s, and in 1907, the town got a post office for the cotton farmers. By the 1980, however, the aquifer ran dry, and by 1991, Lobo was a ghost town.


In 2001, a group of friends from Germany pooled their money together  and purchased the abandoned 10-acre town. They made improvements including digging new wells, building a bathroom and maintaining the structures by installing new windows and doors. For two decades, the group of artistic friends hosted art and video shows in town. However, only one of the group lives in the US, and none of them in Lobo. Because no one lives there year-round, upkeep is an issue, as is the aging of the fiends who are closing in on 70. Additionally, the availability of water is always something to be concerned about in desert environments. Thus, the Germans are ready to sell. But they want buyers to have an idea for the property, not simply buy it for water rights.

Memorial Day Weekend Event

To entice the kind of buyer they would like to purchased the town, the group is holding a Memorial Day weekend event for all, even those with no interest in purchasing. Camping will be free, they can use the bathhouse and bands are welcome to share their music. All they have to do is plug into the Germans’ 12-channel PA with monitors.











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