a-frame cabin for sale

Under $75K Thursday ~ A-Frame Cabin For Sale in Bryan, TX $57K ~ Off Market

1003 Travis St, Bryan, TX 77803            $57,000 Off Market

A-Frame Cabin For Sale in Bryan, TX $57K


The a-frame style home was a trendy design popular from the 1950s through the 1970s, so the 1935 build date seems a bit suspect. Typical of the style, the sloping roof extends all the way down to the ground. This bold design was considered a great choice for vacation homes, because it was suitable for many different types of terrains. The design lost popularity as its inherent problems, namely unused space, heat loss and lack of natural lighting, became apparent. Still, the a-frame is considered a cultural icon, and we can still see the style incorporated in restaurants and other commercial buildings today

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