old houses under $50K

What Old Houses Under $50K Have Sold For

I thought it might interest readers to see a few recently sold houses and what they went for. These are properties that were featured on Old Houses Under $50K within the past year. Most sold for less than the under $50k asking price, but a few went higher. Two even had bidding wars. Take a look.

12 Wheeler St, Deposit, NY 13754   $37,900 SOLD for $47,000 on 4/15/19


This one must have had a bidding war as it sold for almost $10,000 over the asking price.

88 Booker St, McKenzie, TN 38201    $45,000 SOLD for $42,500 on 7/15/19


124 E Mulberry St, Millville, NJ 08332   $34,900 SOLD for $30,000 5/3/19

324 Methodist Rd, Newport, NJ 08345

$33,900 SOLD for $38,000 on 6/29/19

486 Stonewall St NE, Dawson, GA 39842  $21,000 SOLD for $15,000 on 7/8/19


$15,000?! I’m envious.

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