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10 Old Houses Before and After

Restoring an old house is no small feat. I know. My husband and I have preserved five old homes over our married life. The first four were done relatively quickly. We lived in the homes while working on them for a couple of years. Then, as our family grew, we went on to the next bigger and better project, until we met our forever house at the Jersey Shore.

Ask any homeowner who has fixed up an old home and lived to tell the tale with their relationships intact, and they will tell you it is a grueling process, but one that connects you with the past, definitely gives you an education, helps the environment and imparts a sense of accomplishment that a part of history has been saved.

Here are 10 old houses that have been preserved with their before and after exteriors.  Some needed only a sprucing up, others required a complete transformation. Here’s hoping they will inspire you.


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