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Old Houses Under $50K Fun Friday – Weird House We Call the Gaudy Gaudi House


Built in 1940, this unique property, just steps from Curtis Park, was inspired by the renowned Spanish architect Antoni Gaudi.

Antoni Gaudí, born in 1852, was a Barcelona-based architect whose free-flowing designs were influenced by nature. He graduated from the Provincial School of Architecture in 1878 and went on to initially design Victorian style architecture. He soon developed his own style with geometric stone, brick, ceramic tile and metalwork.


Below is a sampling of some of his work.






Fun Friday’s Gaudy Gaudi House below is located at 2510 Coleman Way in Sacramento. It comes replete with art and features a living room with a bay window, leaded glass, fireplace, and built-in seating.


The 2, 320 square foot two-story four bedroom/ two bathroom home includes a full basement with exterior access, a two-story garage (possible ADU), and a pool.



  • Juan Velasquez

    Wow,.. I’ve never seen ANYTHING like it.
    Different…very different in an unpleasant way.
    NOT EASY on your eyes.

  • Bettie Theroux

    This house is rich with imagination and emotion it made my heart swell. So very alive; it think represents the artist’s primordial experiences. I felt as though I was sharing their consciousness .

  • Lon Mayer

    Looks a bit like Pee Wee Herman’s playhouse. I’dd have nightmares living in a house like that…even when I’m awake!

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